Criminal Minds Episode 7X02 Review: Proof
Four days after the premiere of Criminal Mind's second episode of season 7, I'm finally writing my review. :^P I thought this episode was really excellent and much better than the season premiere. It felt more like the Criminal Minds I love. I love that the family is back together again. I missed that during season 6 though it didn't ruin the show for me. I wanted to give Reid a hug though when he was still upset that no one told him about Prentiss but I don't blame him. I didn't like what Prentiss said about Reid only losing 1 friend while she lost 6. The situations are completly different! The unsub was perfectly frightening and sick. He destroyed the victim's five senses. A different one for each person. I adored Hotch and Rossi in this episode and absolutly loved the scene at the end with all of them in the kitchen. I just love this cast so much. 'Specially Thomas. ;^D  

Writer's Block: Internet addictions
The websites apart from lj that I most frequent are gleeforum, imdb and now pottermore. I visit these sites everyday. :^)
Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?

Writer's Block: And the forecast is…
My favorite weather is a sunny day with a clear blue sky and a light breeze.
What’s your favorite kind of weather?

Writer's Block: Riddle me this
The thing that makes no sense to me is the number e in math class. Why do we need to know this?
What is something that just doesn't make sense to you?

Writer's Block: “We built this city on rock and roll”
My favorite song lyrics are: Like standing in Time's Square on New Year's Eve when no one is around. Like looking up on a summer's day and seeing snowflakes falling down. Like dancing on the Brooklyn Bridge by perfect candlelight. That's how you make me feel every time, you say your mine.

^I love these lyrics because they're so romantic and I'd melt if a guy sang them to me.
What are your favorite song lyrics, and why?

Writer's Block: Desert island

The three books that have changed my life are...

1) The Bible

2) Harry Potter

3) Twilight

List three books that have changed your life:

Criminal Minds Season 7: Let The Wild Rumpus Begin
I just finished watching Criminal Minds at 10:00 tonight and it was pretty darn good. I gotta say, it didn't get really good until 9:14 when my baby Hotch finally entered into the show. CM just isn't the same without Hotch. :^) But anyway, I was so happy to see the family all back together again at the end of the episode. Seaver is out, and JJ and Prentiss are back in and I get weekly doses of Hotch. ;^) I wasn't quite as excited about this premiere as last night but it was still good and kept my interest. Can't wait for next week!

Glee's Back Baby And You Can't Stop The Gleeks!
After a long summer break, I watched the season 3 premiere of Glee last night and it was soo worth the wait. Glee is back and even better than ever. I love it when Brad writes an episode as he tends to be my favorite of the writers. I loved how every character got screentime and the songs were awesome! My only complaint is that my baby Will didn't get to sing but he had plenty of screentime to make up for that. Glee couldn't have come back in better form and I can't wait for next week. *Keeping fingers crossed for a new Will song*. :^D

Dancing With the Stars
So last season, I ended up not watching DWTS (except off and on) like I usually do and I think part of that was that Derek Hough wasn't around. I'm so glad he's back because I can't wait to see his routines again. They're always incredible!

Monday Night Television Premieres
This week has finally arrived after a full summer hiatus of waiting and I am so excited! Tonight, I've got The Sing-Off and Dancing With the Stars at 8:00. Dancing With the Stars is my priority over the Sing-Off so I'll record The Sing-Off to watch tomorrow and then at 10:01 Castle season 4 premieres and I can't bloody wait! Last season ended with an awful cliffhanger and I can't wait to see if Beckett survives (though I'm positive she will). I really want to know if Beckett heard Castle profess his love to her and I hope she did. I'm tired of the will they or won't they. They have such great chemistry that I really want them together. I want lots of fluff this season!


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