Criminal Minds Episode 7X02 Review: Proof
Four days after the premiere of Criminal Mind's second episode of season 7, I'm finally writing my review. :^P I thought this episode was really excellent and much better than the season premiere. It felt more like the Criminal Minds I love. I love that the family is back together again. I missed that during season 6 though it didn't ruin the show for me. I wanted to give Reid a hug though when he was still upset that no one told him about Prentiss but I don't blame him. I didn't like what Prentiss said about Reid only losing 1 friend while she lost 6. The situations are completly different! The unsub was perfectly frightening and sick. He destroyed the victim's five senses. A different one for each person. I adored Hotch and Rossi in this episode and absolutly loved the scene at the end with all of them in the kitchen. I just love this cast so much. 'Specially Thomas. ;^D  


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