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19 July
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I am currently working on writing a novel that I hope to get published one day. I love to read, write, listen to music and watch television shows and movies. I can get very obessive so come next week, I'll most likely only be thinking about Glee and a little Criminal Minds and Castle. When it comes to tv, I tend to like the least popular characters. Will Schuester is by far my favorite on Glee and Aaron Hotchner is my man on Criminal Minds. People usually expect me to like Finn Hudson and Spencer Reid but I guess I'm an old soul. :-P I absolutly love Harry Potter. Don't ask me my favorite book right now. I'm on a reread of the series and waiting till I finish to pick my favorite. But, I will say Ron Weasley and Severus Snape are my two favorites. Lee DeWyze and Matthew Morrison's music is by far my favorite. Both of their voices just soothe me and their music is amazing. My screenname is an anagram for my favorite fictional characters. See if you can guess which ones! That's pretty much it. Oh yeah, I'm currently impatiently waiting for my Pottermore email. I want my bloody letter dang it!!! :-P